Intimate Waxing

- Intimate Waxing -

Firstly can I please put your mind at ease, I have seen lots of vaginas, penis' & anus' - I want you to feel as comfortable as possible so its important for you to know...

  • I am not judging your body - just providing you a professional service.
  • I will not be discussing our treatment with others.
  • I want you to relax, so it feels as comfortable as possible (its not meant to be agony).
  • I will keep your dignity intact (keeping you covered) & not making you get in any unflattering positions.
  • Hygiene is important - I wear gloves (I will change them should I cough or sneeze), my wax pot is cleaned every time I have a client or daily, I santise my tools, you (the client).
  • I will NEVER double dip a used spatula into my wax pot!
  • I use the best Hot Wax Brand available on the market (Waxperts) It reduces redness, soreness, ingrown hairs, bruising, discomfort.  Its hands down the BEST.  I also stock their wonder pads too, which are great for after care.
  • I have great attention to detail - I wont leave you still needing a wax!
  • I will ALWAYS use (Waxperts) Cleanser, Pre wax oil & After wax oil on every client (the whole process).
  • I also have Femfresh wipes for clients to freshen up before they are waxed.
  • I ONLY use HOT WAX on intimate areas (it is the best - gives the best results, is kinder to your skin & more comfortable).


Waxing Aftercare Advice (for 24 hours post wax)

  • No hot baths or showers (only tepid)
  • Avoid saunas & steam rooms
  • No perfumed areas in the waxed region
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Avoid sunbathing & sunbeds
  • Avoid bathing in the sea or swimming pools
  • Avoid touching & scratching the area
  • Do not apply strong antisepic, just use after wax
  • Return every 4 weeks for further treatments
  • In the event of an allergy ie extreme redness, itching, blisters, remove all product & apply a cold compress.  Seek GP advice if it doesn't settle down.